Youth Sept/Oct League

Starting the week of August 31st, we will begin our 1st Revised Format Youth League at North Hills Dek Hockey. Here is the presented format.

The cost for the season is $50 per kid. We will not be doing the raffle tickets this season.
The season will be a 8 game season plus playoffs and championship. You will average 1 to 2 games per week.  Season will run from Aug 31st to Oct 10th.
The games are 2 x 12 min running clock games. The clock stops if the score is within 2 goals in the final 2 mins.
There will be no faceoffs. We will be playing 3v3 or 4v4 depending on the number of kids who register.  Please note all of the 13 to 17 games will take place at the Cranberry Dek location.
We will have a 15 minute break in between games. We ask that after the games, not to be hanging out.

If you register you do so with the inherent risk of contracting the virus in public.
We will have flexible scheduling, please let us know on your registration what days and times don’t work for you.  If you are going on vacation for a week, please let us know in your registration and we can do our best to minimize or avoid games during that time.
Proposed days and times for all age groups are…
Monday to Friday 545pm, 630pm
Saturdays 1015am to 630pm
Registration is open until Sun Aug 23rd. Please note registration is limited. Anyone interested in playing goalie who needs pads, we can let you borrow a set that is exclusively yours for the season.
Players ages 4 to 17