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Home of the 2017 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec B Division

We are located at 531 Mt Nebo Rd Pittsburgh Pa 15237

412-440-8791   northhillsdekhockey@yahoo.com

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From Facebook:

Congrats to our Summer D4 champions Dormont Degenerates! ...

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Interested in playing inline hockey?

Visit  www.northparkinline.com

Adult ball and puck leagues, as well as youth ball leagues


This Coming Week:

Wed Oct 18th
6pm Wizards vs Warriors
7pm Chiefs vs Lancaster Safety
8pm Anarchy vs Jagrbombs
9pm Free Ralphie - 1 vs TCP - 2 (Finals Game 1)

Thu Oct 19th
6pm Rockers vs Natural Disasters
7pm Pigs vs Kaos
8pm FSG vs Lumberjacks
9pm Noonan vs Cerm Donors
10pm Soft Dumps - 3 vs Great Fapsby - 1 (Finals Game 2)

Fri Oct 20th
6pm Wizards vs Dragons
7pm Labatt Brewins vs Flint Tropics
8pm Hockey Inc vs Wak Pak
9pm Birds of War vs Dormont Degenerates
10pm TCP - 2 vs Free Ralphie - 1 (Finals Game 2)

Sat Oct 21st
(available for rentals)

Sun Oct 22nd
8am Team Blue vs Steamrollers
9am Blue Buzzards vs Hawaii 5 Hole
10am Nordiques - 5 vs Ogres - 2 (Finals Game 2)
11am Steel City Mafia vs Birds of War
12pm Jokers vs Squabby
1pm Dormont Degenerates vs Dek & Balls
2pm Barons vs Wak Pak
3pm Healthy Scratches vs Moves like McCann

Mon Oct 23rd
6pm Chipmunk (4-6) Session 7
7pm Black N Gold vs Balding 43's
8pm Coalition vs Lancaster Safety
9pm Boss vs Gators
10pm Highland Bar vs Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble

Tue Oct 24th
6pm Natural Disasters vs British Bulldogs
7pm Bowers Pickup League
8pm Anarchy vs Lumberjacks
9pm Brew Dawgs vs Noonan

Wed Oct 25th
6pm Warriors vs Wizards
7pm Chiefs vs Artie Express
8pm Canaskan Invasion vs Boats N Hoes
9pm All In vs Handsome DANK Boys

Thu Oct 26th
6pm Demolition vs Rockers
8pm Shake N Bake vs Hockey Inc
10pm Flint Tropics vs Jagrbombs