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Home of the 2017 and 2018 Street Hockey USA Nationals Champions Rec B Division

We are located at 531 Mt Nebo Rd Pittsburgh Pa 15237

412-440-8791   northhillsdekhockey@yahoo.com

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Registration is currently open until Sept 1st, check out our Youth 4-12 and Youth 13-17 pages for details

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This Coming Week:

Fri Aug 23rd
6pm Penguin Parents vs Kids
7pm Hawaii 5 Hole vs Choo Choo Boys
8pm All In vs Coalition
9pm Benny and the Jets vs Canaskan Invasion
10pm Outkast vs Jesters

Sat Aug 24th
6pm All In vs Nasty Bunch
8pm Meat Market vs Misfits
9pm Choo Choo Boys vs Sasquatch Gang
10pm Sunnyvale Allstars vs Barn Muckers

Sun Aug 25th
9am Hawaii 5 Hole vs Steamrollers
10am Team Blue vs Jesse and the Rippers
11am Mambas vs Nasty Bunch
1pm Instigators vs Kraken
2pm Dek Kings vs Boats N Hoes
3pm Steel City Mafia vs Wasted Potential
4pm Taboo Too vs Meat Missiles
5pm Harks Place vs Hash Slinging Slashers
6pm Saturday Game vs Hockey Inc.
7pm Morning Sherwood vs Spitting Chicklets
8pm Anarchy vs Pigs
9pm Outkast vs Troopers
10pm Barn Muckers vs Sunnyvale Allstars

Mon Aug 26th
7pm NHL Dreams vs AK11
8pm Black N Gold vs Gators
9pm Labatt Brewins vs Dormont Degenerates
10pm Cerm Donors vs Kaos

Tue Aug 27th
7pm Bowers Pickup League
8pm Chiefs vs Jokers
9pm Jesters vs Lumberjacks

Wed Aug 28th
7pm Green Monsters vs Troopers
8pm Squabby vs Brew Dawgs
9pm P.A.A. Allstars vs Harks Elite
10pm Hockey Inc. vs Lancaster Safety

Thu Aug 29th
7pm Lumberjacks vs Green Monsters
8pm Chiefs vs Labatt Brewins
9pm Wolf Puppies vs Stormin Normans

Fri Aug 30th
7pm AK11 vs Morning Sherwood
8pm Grimm Jesters vs Super Slash Bros
9pm Cerm Donors vs Jokers
10pm Steamrollers vs Sasquatch Gang

Sat Aug 31st
8pm Wasted Potential vs Misfits
9pm Benny and the Jets vs Barn Muckers